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Catering Order Rules

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Currently, the earliest time we could deliver for all orders is a day after your order is placed.

Your order will be delivered within a 3-hour window, but we'll aim for the time you selected.

Delivery Hours: 11:30am - 5:30pm every day

Delivery Fee: Manhattan ($5-16),  Queens & Brooklyn ($16). If you input your address and it doesn't work, please email us at

  • There's a mandatory 10% service charge. We used this service charge to tip our drivers.
  • You cannot reschedule or cancel your order 48 hours prior to your delivery time. No refund will be provided
  • In an event that delivery was unsuccessful due to wrong information on the address, 50% of the total order price (excluding delivery fee + service charge) will be refunded 

If you're within 1.5 miles range, the delivery fee is $5. However, we recommend ordering from Toast takeout or other 3rd parties, unless you're placing a cake order.